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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Buy one, get one FREE! This applies to our opaque tights, knit footless leggings, and textured hosiery too! All over-the-knee novelty socks are also included!

*While supplies last. Items pictured in this post only.

Monday, March 29, 2010

EGGSTRA discount this week!


This week only: Stop in for "EGGSTRA" discounts :)

Come by Monday-Saturday (March 29th - April 3rd) and pick an Easter egg which contains a discount ranging from 10-50% off!

This discount is applied to your TOTAL purchase!

Happy Easter!

Statesman Journal article about our Operation Bra Drop!


Check out Capi Lynn's column that printed on the front page of the local section in Sunday's Statesman Journal about our
"Operation Bra Drop"
Great article, GREAT CAUSE!


Thank you to everyone who has already helped make this cause successful! The response has been overwhelming!

New earrings from Vanilla Rain!

Locally made and gloriously fabulous! Which pair is calling to you??

New Spring Styles!

Monday, March 1, 2010

"Support" a cause...Operation Bra Drop!


Our CUPS runneth over!

Ladies...please join me in a worthy cause! Felicity Boutique is initiating a collection of used BRAS to donate to women in need! The first "drop" will go to a community of women down in El Papalote, Mexico. We are sending everything we collect down with a group that is going this Spring Break, March 20-27th...so we only have a few weeks for this first collection! A group of 25 people are driving down to help repair and finish a Bible institute in the community, so the bras we collect in the next few weeks will be sent down with them.

In El Papalote, it takes an entire week's worth of wages to afford one bra, so many of the women go without or only have one! Being a spoiled American myself, I'm guilty of taking the availability of a bra for granted; a wardrobe basic for women! I know we all have those bras in the back of the drawer that rarely or never get worn for one reason or the other. Maybe it's fit, maybe color, but regardless as to why WE don't wear them...someone else in need WILL!

So clean out your drawers or closet and please bring in any GENTLY USED and CLEAN bra(s) you can find and help me with this worthy cause! And as if the satisfaction of giving isn't enough, every person that brings in a bra for this cause will get to pick out a beaded cuff bracelet...until they're gone!

***The person to bring in the MOST BRAS at once for this drive,
will receive a $25 Felicity Boutique gift card***

I am hoping to make Felicity Boutique a permanent donation location for bras, so we can keep the spirit of giving alive! The other possible future "drop zones" we are working on include Haiti and Africa.

Thank you for your help and "support" :)

P.S. There is a limited amount of space in the vans going down, so please bring in bras and bras only for this specific drive. Thank you!