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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Latest and Greatest - Summer '12!

Nautical Stretch Belt - $18.  Black, Ivory, Green, Royal, Coral, & Aqua.

Skinny Belts - $12-$15.
Braided Skinny Belt - $15.  Orange, Mustard, Aqua (above), Pink, & Royal.  Brown or Black Studded Belt - $15.
Stretch Belt with Cute Hook Closure - $20.  Red, Camel, Chocolate, Grey, & Black.
Jersey Knit Knee-Length Skirt - $24.  Shown here in Black.
Racerback Striped Tank - $32
Put them together and tuck the top in...

Add a fun belt and voila - outfit complete!

Chiffon Hi-Low Sleeveless Tunic - $42.  Coral or White.

Chiffon Hi-Low Sleeveless Tunic - $42.  Coral or White.
Royal Chiffon Sleeveless Blouse w/ Darling Collar - $38.  Has Key-Hole Back (below)
Rustic Lace Top w/ Back Tie - $42
Chiffon Top w/ Flyaway Sleeve - $38

Coral Maxi Skirt - $34
Jersey Knit Knee-Length Skirts - $24.  Black, Navy, & new color MINT!!
Eclectic Chiffon Tunic - $34.  Wear untucked and long w/ skinny pants or...

Tuck into a jersey skirt and add a belt for a dress style!