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Monday, July 6, 2009

To trend or not to trend? Harem Pants.

Now, perhaps I'm a little out of touch with the hottest trends of the season...which I shouldn't be because I run a women's boutique...but that being said, what is the deal with harem pants? In my opinion, this is a look that should not be worn publicly. Comfortable? Yes, I'm sure of it. I have never even tried these on and I can tell you with 100% certainty, they are comfortable. Attractive? Simply put: NO. Unless saggy butts are your thing or perhaps walking around looking like you've got a load in your shorts is your goal, I would steer clear of this baggy disaster of a style. Besides, we ALL know they'll be out before you know it and then everyone will be making fun of the fashion faux-pas that was the "Harem Pant" of 2009. Even with a Gucci clutch and a pair of Louboutins...this style is a "don't." Sorry, lady. I know Stacy and Clinton would agree too, but let me be clear once again...this is just my opinion :o)

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